2014. február 3., hétfő

Beads for Blogpost

When I started beading, I had no idea about beads and as in the local store I found only bad quality beads, the start was a little disapointing. Fortunately, my friend told me about and shown me the Preciosa Ornela Czech seed beads, and since then, beading is really a pleasure. At the beginning I only used seed beads. Looking after tutorials, I discovered more type of beads, and bought also Czech fire polish beads - also from Preciosa Ornela, twin beads, buggles. I can say it's a pleasure to work with these good quality beads, and wherever I go I'm seeking for Preciosa Ornela beads. At their homepage You can find out more about these beads and also one can find there projects. I recomend to all my acquaintance who wants to try these beautifull hobby of beading to buy and use only quality beads, and beads from Preciosa Ornela.

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